End Uses

TAM Ceramics is unlike vertically integrated manufacturers in that we do not manufacture finished products from our powders.  This means that we are not in competition with our customers and can concentrate on engineering and manufacturing ceramic powders to meet their needs.  When our products leave our site, they travel all over the world and are used in many applications, including:

Dry Milled Zircon: Investment casting, opacifier, refractories, glass, mill media

Wet Milled Zircon: Refractory brick, automotive brake pads

Zirconia: Refractories, investment casting, pigments, abrasives, insulators, mill media, filters, polishes, setter sand, kiln furniture, automotive

Titanate products (Sodium titanate, potassium titanate, milled rutile, ceramic rutile): Welding fluxes, brick colorant, automotive, pigment


A page from TAM's 1963 Catalog