Zirox 180 (FR)

Friction Abrasive

Monoclinic Zirconia

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TAM Ceramics milled monoclinic zirconia powders otherwise known as milled ZIROX ® powders are electrically fused from zirconium silicate sand into Zirconia (ZrO2) powders.  These powders are produced in a dry milling operation with an optional air classification separation.  ZIROX powders have been produced consistently for over 50 years.  Zirox 180 (FR) while used in friction materials will  aid in modifying the friction coefficient along with increasing or decreasing the wear rate on mating surfaces.  TAM Ceramics is a high quality ISO 9001 production facility.  Zirox 180 (FR) can be produced in large or small quantities with relatively short lead times.

Typical Chemistry
ZrO2 + HfO2 99.3%
SiO2 0.14%
TiO2 0.14%
Fe2O3 0.05%
AlO3 0.21%
Surface Area, m2/g 2.0
zirox 180 monoclinic zirconia

Zirox 180 Microtrac X-100