TAM offers a wide selection of Zircon flour, Milled Zircon, Monoclinic and Stabilized Zirconia, Milled Rutile, and Titanates.  Our powders are available in a variety of sizes from large grains to sub-micron material.  Nearly all of our products are produced on dedicated equipment that eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination.  High-quality raw materials, engineered processes, years of experience, and a customer focus help to ensure consistency in everything that we manufacture.

The value of TAM products is enhanced with our ability to support your needs.  We have many options available for custom processing, packaging, transportation and storage.

If you are interested in materials other than our standard products or have a need for a new product, please contact the customer service or engineering departments.  As always, TAM is interested in new and unique applications for its products and welcomes inquiries as to the development of new partnerships.

Your success is our success.