Fiber-Free Potassium Titanate (FR)

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TAM Ceramics has utilized its long history of producing high purity electronic grade titanates, along with over 50 years of producing a high quality standard grade Potassium and Sodium Titanate to develop a new Potassium Titanate product for the friction industry to complement our line of NAO (non-asbestos organic).  This new product will be known as Potassium Titanate (FR) and will specifically provide the friction market with:

•   A cost effective alternative to the existing fibrous Potassium Titanate products currently utilized in the friction industry

•   A high quality product produced in an ISO 9001 facility

•   Large or small quantities with relatively short lead times


•  Non-fibrous morphology

•  Thermally resistant

•  Wear resistant

•  Typical size range (1µm-150µm)

•  Chemically stable

•  Typical pH in solution (6-8)

•  Also offer Sodium Titanate (FR)

SEM Images