Facility + Quality

TAM Ceramics

TAM’s facility has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1992 and we take great pride in our continued efforts to maintain and improve consistency throughout every product line.  Our system of total quality management involves every employee in customer-centric methods of process improvement.  We are aware of the value that our customers place on quality and will continue to utilize all available methods to maintain and enhance our standing as an industry leader.

Chemical and physical analysis are performed on each TAM lot in our spectrographic or metallurgical laboratories.  This ensures top product quality and compliance with customer specifications.  Tests are conducted within ASTM standards using some of the most modern equipment available and a detailed certificate of analyses accompanies each lot that is shipped.  To support our quality-conscious workforce and provide superior products, our laboratories utilize state of the art analysis techniques such as:

Philips WD-XRF (Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Florescence)
Philips XRD (X-ray Diffraction)
ICP (Simultaneous Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometer)
Perkin Elmer AA (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer)
Leco Carbon/Sulfur analysis
Microtrac and Coulter Laser Particle Sizers
Micromeritic Sedigraph
Quantachrome Nova BET and Monosorb Surface Area
Density Determination via UltraPyc gas pycnometer
Viscosity, PH, and Conductivity testing
Sieve Analysis through 500 mesh
Bulk and Tap Density Testing

We have systematic process controls in place including FMEAs used to assess and manage risk, MSA & Gage R&R studies used to define instrument capability, and SPA (NWA) used to define and monitor process capability.  Our employees are also dedicated to safety, and as of December 2010, TAM has gone over 6 years without a lost-time work injury.

TAM’s Niagara Falls site features 374,000 square feet under roof, set on 34 acres of land.  The plant runs on renewable hydroelectric power.  In addition to low-cost power, our competitive advantage comes from access to our diverse assets, including, but not limited to:

Heat treatment
Large firebrick lined direct-fired rotary calciners
2 large Harper rotary calciners
Harrop and Harper pusher kilns
Pilot scale firings

Milling Capacity
Ball Mills loaded with various sized, composition grinding media
M-80 Sweco Mills
Large capacity Pulverizers
Jet Mills 16-24″

Drying Capacity
Drum dryer
Belt dryers
4 Large Quincy tray dryers
Impact dryer
Chemical plant
Solids neutralization plant
50 large stainless tanks
25 small tanks
Acid resistant tanks

Large ribbon blender
Large cone blender
Several Vee blenders
Plant / facilities
Boiler and Chiller systems
High volume Air System
Electrical infrastructure
Offices and Testing labs

If you are in need of laboratory support for application development or research products or toll testing, please contact our engineering department. We believe in partnering with our customers to provide detailed characterization of materials.  If you have a challenging application or are in need of third-party testing, we will work with you to resolve your technical issues.