PRESS RELEASE: TAM Ceramics expands its Custom Materials Processing and Recycling Program

September 1, 2012


Niagara Falls, NY:    TAM Ceramics recently announced it has expanded its material processing and recycling services and has made additional investments in dedicated calcining, crushing, milling, and sizing equipment.  Discrete circuits and additional classification capabilities help ensure the quality and efficiency needed to economically reclaim the value in materials such as used bricks and shapes, production waste streams, and obsolete inventory. In addition, TAM Ceramics has recommissioned and renovated its 3-phase electric arc fusion furnace to re-melt and refine materials, often producing usable powder to be reintroduced to the supply chain, reducing the demand for virgin minerals.


With over 100 years of Niagara Falls renewable hydro-electric power fueling their operations and growth, TAM Ceramics has a long history of producing Zirconias, Titanates, and other high purity ceramic powders for a variety of applications and markets. Recent price spikes in minerals and raw materials across the globe in all primary metal and glass industries have forced companies to find novel ways to reduce overall cost and eliminate waste in their production stream.  In some instances, raw materials have been rationed and the production of finished products has been stifled due to shortages in the supply chain. With this recent expansion targeted at partnering with current customers to lower overall product cost, TAM Ceramics is also broadening the types of ceramic materials utilized, the processing options, and the addressable markets to reclaim these vital resources.  Visit for more detail.

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